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Suggestions on dealing with fear (panic, anxiety, terror).

Pick only the idea that feels comfortable and right for you.

  1. Breathe deeply right down into your belly. Imagine the air coming in brings you energy while the air leaving carries the stress with it.
  2. Breathe out. Fear can make you hold your breath.
  3. Stamp your feet and describe what you hear, see, smell and taste.
  4. Relax your jaw and let your teeth chatter.
  5. Hold someone or something comforting and allow your body to shake off the fear.
  6. Imagine the cause of your fear in an iron strong box suspended above the deepest part of Lake Ontario. Watch as the box drops to the bottom of the lake.
  7. Ask someone kind to speak soothingly to you as though you were very young and very scared.
  8. Let your feet run as fast as they can. (On a track, in the woods, down the street)
  9. Scream as high and as loud as you can without hurting yourself. (It's quiet if you do it in a car, into a pillow or under water.)

If you wish, try that one again or pick another and try it.

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