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Loose Change is where money and feelings meet! Loose Change is dedicated to helping people find financial clarity and sanity through financial therapy.

At Loose Change we try to provide a relaxing atmosphere. A big friendly Golden Retriever named Eloise will be present unless you specifically ask that she stay at home for the day. Everything you say will be kept strictly confidential.

Loose Change offers one-on-one counselling, couples counselling, financial support groups, and workshops. Please feel free to contact us directly for more information.
What happens in a financial therapy session?

The agenda we'll be following is yours, so think about what you want to work on. The agenda need be no more coherent than just - "help!" It's okay to let us know how you feel about your financial worries. Over the past twenty-five years Amanda has worked with entrepreneurs and organizations alike and her experience has taught her just how emotionally loaded the subject of money can be.

At Loose Change we are not your psychotherapist! We will help you to name the obstacles to your financial comfort and overcome them. If the issues that are raised are outside of our scope, we can continue to focus on your financial concerns, while we assist you to find the appropriate professional to help you explore these related questions.


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