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Because the field of financial therapy is still new and growing and Amanda is one of its few practitioners, Loose Change responds to a lot of media interest in the area. For TV, radio, print, and online profiles and interviews with Amanda herself, pieces about Loose Change Inc. or pieces that have drawn on Amanda’s experience in this field, please see the list below.

I'm Getting My Money and My Life Together

“There's an epidemic of unconscious consumption going around and I'm obviously afflicted, so I've decided to seek the help of a professional.”
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Money and Feelings Meet

Loose Change, a financial-consultancy-support-group, helps the bugetarily befuddled approach their money problems in holistic, creative ways.
Go to: NATIONAL POST article by Karen Van Kampen

Where Money Meets Emotions

A Toronto organization called Loose Change offers guidance for the financially lost, and helps them conquer their negative feelings.
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